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Local Jobs and Business

Biggest Problem Facing Local Business?

I've been told that the biggest problem that the local employers have is their employees leaving and going elsewhere? This begs the following questions in my mind;

  • Are these employees local to Mission? I know that I would take less pay to work and live in the same community. So if a person worked in Mission and lives in say, Maple Ridge and a job comes available in Maple Ridge why wouldn't that person take the position in Maple Ridge. I know I would.
  • And the most glaring question is; Are they paying enough, or giving enough hours?

Available Industrial Land in Mission

It's widely known that Mission has a limited amount of Industrial land that is why, what we do have needs to be used wisely.

Largest Current Employers

Top Four largest employers in the City of mission is;

  • School District #75
  • Mission Memorial Hospital
  • Corrections Canada
  • District of Mission


I wonder what percentage is local residents?


Your Thoughts On This Relevant Topic?

Posted 8/27/2022

Would appreciate any and all thoughts on this topic...

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