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Parks, Recreation and Culture

General Thoughts

Once upon a time shortly after I started with the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee it was brought to our attention that one of the gravel pits in Steelhead was offered to the city to take over and reclaim. This included a small lake onsite, and I thought that perhaps it would make a wonderful Park, swimming, camping etc. Perhaps even outdoor concerts?

At ant rate, I have heard no more on this and wonder if it is still on the table?

Stave West Master Plan

Just reading through the Stave West Master Plan. It is a 200+ page document and I will give more thoughts on this shortly.

However, I feel there is HUGE potential to become the Lower Mainland's Outdoor playground but absolutely needs to be done properly and we have already started to work on this partnering with various groups including our Indigenous Community.

Your Thoughts on Parks, Recreation and Culture

Posted 8/29/2022

Feel free to give your thoughts, I'd love to hear them!

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