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Development, Are We Going The Right Way?

High-rises full of "Affordable Rental Units" or Strata Units? Or a Hybrid of both? Lower 3 or 4 floor Strata Units? Town-homes? Row-homes? I'm somewhat apprehensive about too much higher density development given  the current state of roads and interchanges.

Not to mention parking; are they planning enough parking? I don't think they do. Try to find a spot on the street in some of the sub-divisions.

In another page I state; "Not to say I'm against development. Because I'm not, we just need to insure it's done without raping the landscape beauty and to help developers help us."

What I mean by that is, the longer developers wait for permits, the more interest they incur, and the banks make money off interest. Let's speed up that wait time and in turn developers spend the money on improvements and amenities instead off interest IE, gardens, parks, community plaza etc. This also improves the sale-ability of their project by increasing the visual appeal. Make it pretty in other words!

My Opinion? Scrub the high-rises. Sorry, not sorry, they're blemishes on our beautiful landscape and I think they breed a rat race lifestyle. Want to live like that, live in the big city.

I live in a 3 floor, 33 unit condo, that is unassuming looking. Add these to a good mix of townhouses, row houses and single family and that is as high density as I like or need in my opinion. And I'm pretty sure most of Mission feels the same way...

Oh, and what's wrong with this idea. Throw some of these into the mix as an affordable alternative for seniors or young first time buyers.

~ Paul ~

Your Thoughts?

Posted 8/21/2022

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