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 Downtown - I Love It, But....

I love our little Downtown and the merchants that keep the area vibrant. As I say, I love our little downtown, and I like what is starting to happen down there, new buildings going up but keeping the look, Buildings renovated and cleaned up, HubCO Brewing! Awesome!

But there are issues. I was sitting in my vehicle last night on Railway waiting for the West Coast Express to arrive at 6:00 PM and watched a person standing on sidewalk by Petro Can urinating in the bushes. What is the fix for this? Public washrooms? That only wind up getting vandalized, destroyed, etc? No easy answer here.

Public Events - Such as Mission Fest, Candlelight Parade, Customer Appreciation Day, etc are great to promote Community Spirit and Kudos to the Downtown Business Association and the Merchants for jobs well done. The only problem is parking. As a person with mobility issues, it's no easy feat to take advantage of these events. Perhaps a special area needs to be set aside for parking?

How About You?

Posted 8/22/2022

What do you like? Or dislike? Let's hear those thoughts.

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